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More About Us

Limo’s Lawncare is a professional Lawncare and Landscape Maintenance company that is located in Pipestone, MN that is striving for top quality in all that we do! From residential lawncare to shrub trimming, we specialize in a wide range of service to make your outdoor spaces the best they can be! We are willing to work with you and enjoy making yards look attractive!


Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Limo’s Lawncare is dedicated to providing high quality services! Check the list below to see a few of the services we offer! Don’t see the one you need? Call to see if we offer it!


Lawncare Maintenance 

Mow,Trim, Discharge or Bag


Lawn Thatching 

Thatch to remove dead grass so grass roots can get the proper nutrients.


Aeration and Overseed 

Spread new grass seed to get lawn looking as thick and healthy as possible. Best to do aeration or lawn Dethatch  first to help give grass seed the best chance.


Landscape Maintenance 

Trim Shrubs/Plants, Pull out and replace dead Shrubs,Trees, Plants, Pull/Spray weeds.



Apply fresh mulch to landscape beds 


Spring/Fall Cleanup 

Blowout Landscape, Cleanup Leaves and other debris on property.


Residential Snow removal 

Service includes snow blowing driveway and sidewalks and choice of salting drive and sidewalks. ( Service is only available in the city of Pipestone. )

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.